IBYAMAMARE MEDIA GROUP LTD incorporated as the IBYAMAMARE.com news website and Ibyamamare Tech Solutions started business in January 2011. IBYAMAMARE MEDIA GROUP LTD is Advertising, Branding & marketing Agency experienced in media and ICT; we have a target to provide the show business, breaking news to our partners and we aim at helping other companies to sustain in Marketing.

IBYAMAMARE is a native Rwandan word which means Famous. It means that we make people to be famous.

We decided to start this project when we noticed that there’s a higher level of internet penetration across Rwanda, and this is very helpful to deliver the entertainment news, wildlife and conservation to our readership across the globe especially in Rwanda.

Currently our readers are estimated to a minimum of 105.00 people per day.

Ibyamamare.com is a website that covers only show business news. We cover Leisure, wildlife and conservation, Sport, Health, Technology, Education, History, Tourism, Love Stories and many more news that makes a story.

Due to the above, It is estimated that Ibyamamare.com is visited by people who are between the age of 12-74.

CONTACT US :: +250 783035616

EMAIL : ibyamamarenews@gmail.com